Arizona Immigration Law Protest

This item was really the strong motivation for me to start my blog.  I was watching the tv news yesterday and saw a story about Arizona’s illegal immigration law protest in Phoenix.

There was one woman who was protesting and a soundbyte from her in the story was “This is what America was founded on!”.

I couldn’t help but think:

1) She’s an illegal immigrant who doesn’t have to learn U.S. history

2) She’s a high school dropout who didn’t get around to having U.S. history classes

3) or she barely passed U.S. history because she didn’t care or was secretly passing notes in class.

This country was founded on LEGAL immigration, not _illegal_ immigration.

I have no problems with those who want to come to the U.S. legally as there are proper ways to do it.  I used to work with someone who came to this country, went through the proper channels, worked hard on her lunch breaks and mid-morning/mid-afternoon breaks to study the quiz, became a legal citizen and is the model of how every legal immigrant citizen should be!

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Hello world!

This is my attempt to have a place to vent at many of the stupid things we all see in real life.

I call it “60 percent of the population is stupid” syndrome and anytime I come across something (or see something on the news that verges on stupidity), I have a place to report and discuss it.   Stuff to comment on do not happen regularly,  so there will be no set posting schedule for items.

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